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Fundamental and Strategic Solutions
A Fundamental Solution provides a core component upon which other more advanced programs are built. Our Strategic Solutions provides you with education and the necessary tools you need to implement the idea(s) into your business. Whether fundamental or strategic, Modewealth can help from creation to implementation.

Retirement Buy-Sell »
We can address a business owner’s retirement and buy-sell needs with one strategy.

Business Valuation »
At the heart of any buy/sell or business succession plan is a professionally and independently determined calculation of value. We can help.

Insure Against Business Risks »
Life insurance can help meet many business owner needs, including business continuation, employee retention, and even the owner’s own retirement.

Buy-Sell LLC »
Buy-Sell LLC is a strategy that takes advantage of the legal benefits of a limited liability company (LLC) for business continuation planning.

For many small- and medium-sized businesses, business continuation insurance serves as a useful element of succession planning and can be a vitally important part of a business continuity plan. Usually consisting of life and disability policies structured to meet the business continuity needs of the owners of a business, should a partner die or become unable to participate in a company’s ongoing operations, these policies are payable per the terms of an ownership transition contract – typically either a buy-sell, cross-purchase or entity purchase agreement. Business continuation insurance is a risk management strategy that enables remaining business partners to move forward.

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