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what is cash flow optics?

Cash Flow Optics (CFO) is a study of your business or personal finances that aims at discovering its/your ability to provide the most important indicator in your personal or business success. That is its ability to create cash flow or cash on hand. We do this by addressing the five key things we determine, which greatly impact your ability to keep and grow your money. These are Taxes, Compliance, Management of Credit, Knowledge of Key Performance Indicators, or your success and growth plan. We deliver a comprehensive plan along with a team that fills the gaps of efficiency for your business. We recommend the necessary strategies through a Cash Flow Optics Report and provide you with software to track your success during and after our engagement.
No one professional is an expert in everything. However, a team of experts in their field working on your behalf in a collaborative effort to help you reach your goals is priceless, and that is what we provide.
With Modewealth, we are product agnostic and compliance, tax, wealth, and goal-focused using world-class technology and through our wealth team; You have CFO intel to drive your family and/or business forward.

"You Can't Fix What you Can't See."

Drastically reduce tax liability.

Reduce all debt in 2/3 less time.

Leverage the difference towards your dreams.

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