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Accumulate, Preserve, and Transfer Wealth You’ve worked hard to achieve your successful financial standing. Now you are ready to reap the rewards of that financial success with a thoughtful, carefully planned strategy to help you achieve your financial goal. But just how do you do that, and is there a way to combine achieving your financial goals with reducing your current taxes? 82%

The challenge for you, is to determine what is the most beneficial way to build your assets, both from an accumulation and a tax-savings viewpoint, so that they will be available to help you achieve your retirement goals. A pension plan designed specifically for your business may be the solution.

Innovative designs can be structured for either a new retirement program or a takeover of an existing plan. To complement this plan design package, Modewealth, through our affiliations can offer a full administrative package, customer focused service, technology support, and a wide range of funding options.


82% of American workers do not feel very confident that they will be able to retire comfortably.  Could you or your business benefit from a customized business owned, or individually owned tax-efficient retirement plan?

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